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Conebeam 3D X-Rays in Provo, UT

Here at Provo Dental, our dental team believes in providing the latest and most advanced dental technologies designed to detect issues and provide easier and, oftentimes, faster care for our patients. This is one reason our practice here in Provo, UT, is equipped with a cone-beam 3D X-ray. Through this latest technology, our dentists Drs. Gary & Kevin Wiest can get a clearer and more detailed picture of your entire mouth, from your teeth and soft tissues down to the bones and nerves.

What is the Cone Beam 3D scan?

In certain cases, a traditional X-ray just isn’t enough for us to get a better idea of what’s going on in your mouth. In these situations, using the Cone Beam 3D scanner can provide us with amazingly precise, highly detailed 3D images for a more comprehensive dental evaluation.

When is a Cone Beam 3D scan used?

We employ this technology for a wide range of cosmetic and restorative purposes. In some more complex and complicated orthodontic cases, this technology can provide more detailed tooth orientation to determine just how to shift teeth through the orthodontic treatment we provide so you can get the most effective and efficient treatment possible.

Since this technology provides us with precise tooth orientation, it also helps us determine how to best extract a tooth or exactly where to place a dental implant, crown, inlay, or veneer for the best results.

Since Cone Beam 3D technology can also provide high-quality images of the facial bones, this CT scan can help us evaluate and diagnose certain bone problems such as sinus issues, TMJ disorder, or even tumors. In just 40 seconds or less, we can capture hundreds of images of your entire mouth from different angles. Plus, undergoing a scan with our Cone Beam CT scan is completely painless and safe.

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