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Your Orthodontic Options

Orthodontic treatment not only helps you look your best but may also make chewing and speaking easier. Have you been considering improving your smile with orthodontics? Your Provo, UT, dentists, Drs. Gary and Kevin Wiest, can help you explore your options.

Which type of orthodontic treatment is right for you?

Orthodontic treatment enhances your appearance by straightening crooked teeth, but that's not the only benefit of treatment. Excessive wear and tear can be an issue if your teeth aren't properly aligned. Eventually, your teeth may crack or break or you might develop gum disease due to the stress on your teeth and gums. If you have a severe bite problem, you may even have difficulty chewing or speaking normally. Straightening your teeth and correcting spacing issues and bite problems improves these issues.

The ideal orthodontic option for you will depend on your orthodontic problems, your straightening goals and your budget. Options include:

  • Metal Braces: Metal braces are probably the first thing you imagine when you think about orthodontic treatment. If you opt for this choice, your dentist will attach metal brackets to the fronts of your teeth and thread metal wires through the brackets. Metal braces can handle any type of orthodontic problem from minor to extremely complicated. Although metal braces are very effective, some people don't like their appearance.
  • Ceramic Braces: Ceramic braces may offer a better choice if you prefer a less obvious option. Brackets and wires are clear or tooth-colored, which helps them blend in with your teeth. Ceramic braces are ideal for treating mild to moderate orthodontic issues. If you have a severe bite problem or complicated issues, metal braces might be the better solution.
  • Lingual Braces: The brackets and wires used in lingual braces are applied to the backs of your teeth, where they're practically unnoticeable. Because the braces must be made in a dental laboratory, lingual braces can be the most expensive orthodontic option.
  • Clear Aligners: Clear aligners are removable, transparent, plastic trays that fit over your upper and lower teeth. Adjusting the tension on the brace wires realigns your teeth if you wear traditional braces. The process is a little different with clear aligners. During your initial visit to the Provo dental office, your dentist will create a 3D image of your teeth, which will be used to create a series of aligners, each of which will be worn for about two weeks. Aligners offer a subtle way to realign your smile.

Upgrade your smile with orthodontics. Call your dentists in Provo, UT, Drs. Gary and Kevin Wiest, at (801) 374-8205 to schedule your appointment.

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