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The Importance of Preventive Care

We all want to have the healthiest possible smile and that all begins with preventive dental care. Too many of us still only turn to our Provo, UT, dentist only when there is already a problem. When something has already gone wrong our options become more limited. So to keep this from happening to us we need to embrace every aspect of preventive care, from everything we can do at home, to everything that our doctor can help with. Learn more about the importance of preventive care by getting in contact with Dr. Gary Wiest and Dr. Kevin Wiest of Provo Dental.

Preventive Care At Home

The battle against plaque begins in our own home with twice-daily brushing and once-daily flossing. Good dental hygiene habits are key because plaque builds again every day on our teeth. The bacteria that live in the plaque expel acids that can harm the enamel on our teeth and damage our gums, potentially leading to gum disease.

The bacteria that live amid the plaque feed especially on the sugary foods and drinks we love to consume. So as important as dental hygiene is, so is a balanced and tooth-healthy diet.

Regular Dental Cleanings and Checkups

You are not expected to do it all alone, in fact, there are things that only your dentist can do. Good cleaning habits at home, however effective, often leave at least some plaque behind. This plaque can harden making it practically impossible to be removed outside the dentist's office. It is why it's recommended that you have your teeth cleaned at the office every six months, to keep plaque and its damaging side effects at bay.

But it isn't only plaque that can threaten our smile. There are many factors that can impact our teeth, including certain dental conditions. Checkups accompany these dental cleaning sessions and during these, your dentist examines your mouth to keep a close eye on potential problems. Problems addressed early are typically less invasive than those allowed to progress on their own.

Preventive Care in Provo, UT

Don't wait until it's too late to visit your Provo, UT, dentist. If you have been away from the office for some time, schedule an appointment today with Drs. Wiest of Provo Dental by dialing 801-374-8205.

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